zum 5-jährigen Jubiläum

4. Sep. 2010, Samstag, 19:30Uhr Bernhard-Theatre Zürich

9. Okt. 2010, Samstag, 19:30Uhr Häbse-Theatre Basel

Vorverkauf: alle Poststellen, Bernhard-Theater Zürich, Häbse-Theater Basel

TicketCorner 0900 800 800 (CHF 1.19/min)

Ticket Online booking : >>Zürich, >>Basel

Abendkasse: Bernhard-Theater Zürich, Häbse-Theater Basel

New Program! New Choreography! New Atmosphere! Click for Flyer>>

Zurich Chinese Arts Show Demo 2008



Aug 10 2010 - Final rehearsals. Go Zurich Chinese Arts!!!

Our first show in Sept. 4, 2010 in Zurich is coming soon. Our newly choreographied dance performances are approaching the final stage. Wacth our rehearsal video and Come to support us!!


Galaabend Rehearsal, we are working hard !!!!
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June 16 2010 - The more dancers, the better

We are looking for dancers continuously.

Like many organizations, we always need talents. As a result, we are continuously looking for dancers ( male or female) for Chinese classical dance and Chinese folk dance.

Requirements: willing to devote your time and energy to learn Chinese classical dance and folk dance ( in average once a week, each time around 4 to 5 hours)

We offer: professional training, excellent training facilities, from time to time show opportunities on the stage with payment options.

We look forward to seeing your participating in our group.


May 2nd 2010 - World Expo 2010  Liechtenstein

      2010 May 2nd, Zurich Chinese Arts was invited by Chinese Consulate Zurich to perform for World Expo 2010 Openning Ceremony in Vaduz for Liechtenstein. Liechtenstein is the only country in World Expo 2010 having Stadiums both in Shanghai and its own capital city.

     The performance was highly acknowledged by Chinese Consulate in Zurich and Vaduz City Government. Major Chinese and local medias have reported this event. (Details

Zurich Chinese ArtsConsulate and Vice Preim Minister

Vaduz ExpoVaduz Expo 2


Mar. 29th 2010 - Show Launched

      Finally, our two shows (Zurich Chinese Arts 5 year aniversary) are up running for sale. we are aiming for a better achievenment than last time which was already back to 2008. This year, we have acquired some good sponsors. Thanks to those sponsors. Without their help, our shows will be not be possible, and our aim of communicating Chinese culture will be more difficult. These sponsors are:


Free show tickets !!!
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