Welcome to Zurich Chinese Arts Troupe !

Zurich Chinese Arts Troupe, founded in Jan 1st 2005, is a politically neutral arts troupe. The troupe dedicates itself to the promotion of cultural exchange between China and Switzerland (further Europe). Currently, we have about 30 top level artists (coming from different nationalities) specialized in Chinese traditional dance, musical instruments, Chinese folksong, opera, acrobatics and kung fu.

Since its foundation, Zurich Chinese Arts Troupe has successfully organized many high level benefit performances >>  by itself, commercial private performances >> and some public performances >> sponcered by City Zurich Culture Department (Kultur Stadt Zürich), Federal Department of Economic Affairs (Eidgenössisches Volkswirtschaftsdepartement) and Special Olympics Switzerland (Special Olympics Schweiz). The feedback from the audience was tremendously positive. In spite of all the applause and compliments we have received, we continuously refine the quality of our performance by adding new choreography pieces and creations.

Besides organizing performances, Zurich Chinese Arts Troupe also provides different types of training courses in Chinese dance and music >> to those who are interested in learning Chinese arts.